SCG-401K Surface Conductor Grid: 24 hr contact pad, fits most dog collars

The SCG-401K Surface Conductor Grid System or 24 hour contact pad is not only great for remote training collars, but it is ideal for bark collars, electronic leash and containment collars.

The SCG-401K eliminates tissue breakdown due to long wear times.  By replacing the long protruding contact points with the SCG-401K your dog can safely wear the dog collar for hours at a time.  In addition, you don’t have to worry so much about having the collar strap on too tight, a nice snug fit works great as the closely spaced contacts intercept easily to the dog’s sensory system.

The important benefit to the use of the SCG-401K grid is the enhancement of the dog’s collar output performance. The grid simple performs better with the dog allowing it to feel more subtle adjustments, the capability of using less impulse stimulation allows you to move easily from avoidance training into guidance training, where you are coaching your dog instead of correcting your dog.

The grid is simple to install and can be adjusted to fit most all the collars on the market today. To install yousimple need a nut driver, screw driver and needle nose pliers.

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