Benefits of The SCG-401K GRID – Also known as the 24 hr Contact Pad

The SCG-401K, 24-hour Contact Pad, has 3 huge benefits for e-collar users.

  1. Increases wear-time with the dog.
  2. Improves connectivity to the dog.
  3. Improves overall performance between the e-collar and the dog.

Plus, it fits most e-collars on the market today. That includes remote training collars, no-bark collars, and in-ground fence systems. It is made in the USA with quality marine stainless steel and a non-corrosive plastic housing (Reference to pat. #7,677,204.).

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How to install the SCG-401K Grid

Benefit #1: Increases wear time.

The SCG-401K gets its nickname “24 hour Contact Pad” because when installed on an e-collar, it can be left on the dog for an indefinite period of time without causing skin irritation. If you are familiar with remote training collars, you will know that every collar on the market has a warning label similar to this, “Do not have the dog wear the collar for more than eight hours out of every 24-hour period. Leaving the contact points on the same spot for extended periods of time may cause skin irritation.”

Limiting the time a dog wears the e-collar is not a big deal when you are working directly with the dog. But, what do you do if you want your dog to wear the e-collar when you are not there? What about dogs that have in-ground fence systems to help them stay in the yard? What about dogs that wear no-bark collars?

In these situations you want the dog to have the e-collar on for longer periods of time so the dog can learn its boundaries or not to bark when you are away. The SCG-401K Grid from CJE Products is the ideal solution.  It is simple to install, and comes with directions.

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Benefit #2: Improves connectivity to your dog

One of the biggest issues experienced by pet owners using an e-collar has to do with fitting the collar strap correctly, which has to do with how snug the collar strap is applied onto the dog’s neck. In order for a dog to experience stimulation (vibration or electronic impulse), the collar strap needs to be snug enough for the contact points to make good contact with the dog’s skin. You can learn more about this in the blog post A Game Changer – The Connectivity Solution.

The SCG-401K, 24-hour Contact Pad helps alleviate this issue:

  1. First – the pad (1/2 x 3/8 x 3/16) itself has 6 separate areas (each = 1/8 x 1/16 x 1/16) providing many points of contact instead of the traditional two.
  2. Second – the 6 points of contact are spaced 1/8 inch apart rather than the standard 1 1/4 inches apart.
  3. Third – with the 6 points of contact spaced so close together, they create an energy field (FMS) functional magnetic stimulation which converts the (FES) functional electrical stimulation output which must touch the skin of the animal to even be felt.  The SCG-401K allows for a better interactive connection.

This energy field or (FMS) is very important as it does not have to touch the dog’s skin to allow for an improved transfer of the message consistently and efficiently with the dog’s onboard sensory system. Compare that to the standard issue contact points, which require that both contact points directly touch the dog’s skin at all times for the dog to even feel the output of the e-collar (FES).

Good connection means that the collar strap can be fit somewhat looser and still work effectively. It also means you as the owner have the confidence that the dog is receiving the message signal, and you will observe your dog responding more consistently to the different levels of impulse stimulation.

Please note, it is still important to fit the collar strap snugly, it just does not have to be as snug as it does for the standard contact points to work. A good fit is always a key to having any type of e-collar function properly.

Additionally there are a number of variables that affect how a dog reacts to the impulse stimulation. The environment, the dog’s excitement level, the dog’s personality, and skin structure all of which affect how the dog feels the stimulation (for more about this subject please read A Game Changer–The Connectivity Solution.) For these reasons, the grid was designed specifically to interact and interface with the dog’s sensory system more efficiently.

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Benefit # 3: Improves overall performance

One of the most important things the 24 Hour Contact Pad does is improving upon the performance of the e-collar. This is critical for a couple of reasons. You can count on the fact that the dog is receiving the proper level of impulse stimulation, confident that the message is being received by your dog and confident that you are communicating with your dog. Now the dog responds consistently to your commands, it can be a “game-changer” in the way you train.

What does it mean to you as an owner to have confidence your dog is receiving the proper stimulation level and how you can be assured of that?  Let me go back to what I referenced above regarding minimal skin contact. The engineering of the 24 Hour Contact Pad creates an energy field when using electrical impulse stimulation. This is due largely to the closely spaced points of contact. Since an energy field is being created, the dog senses the level of impulse stimulation consistently and you begin to work in unison. This allows you to focus on the dog and not the equipment because the dog begins to focus on you and you actually become the dog’s coach.

Since the stimulation is consistent, the dog understands what the your message means and you have a more confident dog that is learning quicker.

The final and most important point – is how the grid can change the way you train your dog. The consistent connection builds the dog’s confidence and yours. As you focus on the dog, you can begin to guide your dog through each exercise, we call this Guidance Training.  (For application of Guidance Training read the “Look Command” and watch this video.)

Another important point – is that the 24 Hour Contact Pad can change your relationship with your dog. When the dog begins to understand that the stimulation guides it to what is right, you are becoming the dog’s coach and the e-collar becomes the teacher. It allows you to tell the dog, “Yes” when it is at your side or fifty yards away. Instead of punishing the dog, you are telling it, “Good job, yes that is right!” The dog learns faster, is more confident. There is no longer fear associated with training. What else could you ask for?