About CJE Products

CJE PRODUCTS, LLC provides quality innovative electronic training products and associative behavior material for all dog owner/handlers.

Experience and Expertise

Our 49 plus years in the electronic design, product modeling, and manufacturing techniques for the improvement of the human/animal relationship is unparalleled.

Driving Change in Training

We have participated in the collective evolution of the electronic animal training industry from being a highly aversive entity – stopping hounds from chasing deer to developing non-aversive platforms whose results one must be most appreciative of and to use on a moment-to-moment basis for building upon proper behavior rather than worrying and focusing on improper behavior.

From Corrections Officer to Coach

Now teaching occurs in the form of you being the dog’s coach rather than its adversary.  After years of studying the animal behavior sciences, developing low levels of electronic stimuli and stewardship over the precise timing of Incentive Learning, the process of Guidance Training was made available for everyone’s use. (The timing of application with a “pressure on/pressure off” style during the dog’s movement toward an objective, increases drive, builds self-assurance at a distance, and easy to use – and that’s only the beginning.)

Driving Innovation in Training

In addition, we made the industry aware of a process which became a “Game Changer”, as there has always been a connectivity issue with all of the electronic platforms which no one solved or even felt important enough to be concerned over, until we produced the Surface Conductor Grid.

We Care About Your Relationship With Your Dog

We are trying to construct a means for you and your dog through increased knowledge that you will have the relief to use your electronic training device ensuring a more permanent solution for you and your dog – you teach and encourage the correct behavior from the start and the dog becomes the high performance athlete – and friend.

CJE Founder

Following a 50+ year career in electronic product design, development, and production, Chad James helped define an era of electronics manufacturing.

Mr. James founded CJE Products in 2010 with his wife Karen to combine three factors.  A lifetime of experience and analysis of animal behavior, a love of animals, and ace electronics product development to improve human-animal bonds everywhere.

It can be said that Mr. James is on a mission to provide smart, effective, and positive solutions for pet lovers everywhere.