A defining moment in the recent history of the U. S. Navy and the concept of the various instances of naval seapower in the 20th century has become known as “The Tonkin Gulf Incident.”

Volumes of books and untold hours of press have already been devoted to this subject over the past several decades concerning the Tonkin Gulf Incident (TGI), which took place on 2 August and 4 August 1964 in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam and precipitated a 10 year involvement in the ground war in Vietnam.

Chad James, the author of this book, has provided a detailed compendium of the events leading up to, during, and after the actual
incident itself. His references include an in-depth discussion of the current at the time strategic and tactical situation leading up to the incident over the first three chapters. The next several chapters outline a detailed review of the occurrences immediately following the attacks.

Chad closes his treatment with a lengthy list of eye-witnesses who testified to the events, and follows up with four separate bibliographies and an appendix of relevant documents.

If you ever wanted to understand what really happened during the “Tonkin Gulf Incident,” this book would be a good place to start.
Some 132 pages of declassified message traffic that was only declassified and released in 2019. Until that time the details of communications between the North Vietnamese naval forces involved in these engagements were not well known nor understood.

Note that the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. has already accepted the book to be placed into their Archive Library.

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