Non-aversive stimulus: Utilizing a painless outside stimulus of varying styles administered during Guidance Training techniques enhances the animal’s on-going performance and develops an Incentive approach to learning.

Timing of application: This outside stimulus of varying styles are applied during the dog’s response (movement) toward a desired target; unlike traditional reward (Positive reinforcement) or correction (Negative reinforcement) which both are applied after the dog’s response.

Pressure on, pressure off: Electronic signals are applied in the same manner as a physical leash works, pressing the button equals pulling on the leash. The stimulation (whether vibration, tone or impulse) is given at the same time as the command and then released when the dog’s response is completed. (See the “Look” Command)

Increase drive: Match the outside stimulus level with the dog’s own natural adrenaline release during training trials.  This engages the dog’s own drive system in conjunction with Incentive Learning techniques – the results are: quicker learning, easier training, and stronger habits.

Builds self-assurance at a distance: Quietly signals the dog when the proper behavior is being accomplished – at the exact moment, over great distances and obstacles. This remote encouragement allows the dog to elevate its own self-assurance, dramatically increases its permanence of habit, and builds upon great teamwork. This key component is desired in all dog disciplines requiring a dog to work at a distance from the handler; such as scent detection, search & rescue, hunting wild game or locating a target.

Easy to use: Using a remote training collar is straight-forward and very effective. You are using it to guide the dog with the dog looking forward to learning. This Guidance Training System becomes a friend to both.


The basis behind this remote control system utilizes electronic stimuli (signals) which replaces the physical force of traditional on-leash pressure and establishes a positive bond that carries forward into off-leash control. This is accomplished by using varying levels of significantly different stimuli to engage Incentive Learning during the dog’s movement throughout training exercises. This concept superimposes different styles of stimuli during “movement” while matching level strength to motivate and shape new behaviors smoothly and quietly. This moves you from being just a trainer to becoming the dog’s coach, allowing both you and your dog the opportunity to learn together, without either being over-whelmed during the process, and while maintaining learning momentum.

This new non-aversive platform starts with the dog on-leash and finishes with the dog off-leash under precise remote control. This new and different approach to electronic training was created by using non-aversive stimulus to encourage the dog through Incentive Learning technique. Now dog owners can teach their dogs new behaviors with great first-time results. However, one key to success is that your dog must first know its commands on-leash prior to using this remote Guidance Training System.  (Incentive Learning is a scientific fact of animal cognition and occurs naturally when it is applied during the animal’s movement toward a target and ceases when the animal completes the task.  This precise and consistent offset of stimuli quickly becomes internalized in the animal’s memory allowing for it to build upon its own internal safety, relief, and relaxation response systems.)

Download a copy of the Look Command and start training today.