The Sidewalker™: Adding a 3rd Dimension to Your Training

The Sidewalker™ – an Entirely New Dimension for Training One’s Dog

Following the benefits of patent #5,911,199, The SideWalker creates an updated 3rd dimension in electronic on-leash training, allowing you and your dog to become more relaxed and enjoy the outing together – making it fun to be outdoors rather than it becoming a shouting match and a “Tug-of-War”.

 The 3rd Dimension is the Sidewalker.

This innovative device creates a new standard in how you train your dog to respond while on-leash, and how the dog learns its skills in response to your commands – quickly, attentively, and with animation.

Think of the SideWalker as your assistant trainer. It becomes an extension of your training. As you move the dog toward the desired position, your dog’s focus will be on the SideWalker’s motivator – that is, as the dog moves in the desired direction, it will feel the motivator’s soft output.  And then, as it is responding to your guidance pull-pressure on the leash, the dog finishes the task of complying, and then the motivator turns-off. This offset is very important to the dog acknowledging to the dog that it completed its task.

In this process, your focus (as the dog’s coach) is guiding the dog into the desired position, and the dog’s response (movement) is to learn that its own action is what turns-off the motivator. In the behavior world, this process is called Guidance Training or Incentive Learning, wherein movement of the dog through pressure-on/pressure-off techniques allow cognitive learning to occur almost automatically – results are phenominal.

The 1st Dimension is your dog.

The dog quickly learns that it is in control of its own actions. At the initiation of your command (a slight tug on the leash) the motivator is activated – as the dog begins to move in the desired direction of the leash pull pressure, the dog quickly moves in that direction, and then the motivator will turn off. The dog quietly and quickly learns what to do instead of what not to do.

The 2nd Dimension is you.

You are the dog’s coach using the leash to simply guide the dog into the correct position. You are now the good-guy – as you begin to relax and have fun, so will your dog.

The end-result is that each leg of the triangle is now satisfied:

1.) your dog is responding very well,

2.) you are relaxed and enjoying every outing,

3.) the SideWalker is always there providing its perfect timing.

Now you are ready to move on to even more advanced commands on-leash!  As we say, “Innovations for the animal’s sake”