What Two-Way Communication Means for BigLeash Training Collars

The first time I read the two-way communication description for the BigLeash V-10 and S-15 remote training collars, I thought, “big-deal”. The transmitter and dog collar (receiver) always communicate with each other, no matter what the brand.

Then, I learned what two-way communication really means and why it is really a “big-deal’ for the BigLeash products.

On the V-10 and S-15 training collars the dog’s collar (receiver) communicates informational data back to the hand-held transmitter providing the user real-time information concerning the dog’s collar battery and the operational range of the dog from the hand-held transmitter.  Not in yards or feet, but in the strength of the signal between the two units (observe the fuel gauge looking display on the left-side of the transmitter screen, this tells you the signal strength.)

This is important for several reasons

  • You know that your dog is within operational range of both the receiver and transmitter signal.
  • It alerts you that you may need to recall your dog.
  • You do not need to panic or over-react – simply recall your dog.
  • It builds your self confidence – the dog’s handler.
  • It helps your dog learn quicker how far is too far.
  • It is easy to use and to understand the value.

The signal is not dependent upon satellites like a GPS unit, so the transmitter and receiver talk to each other as long as the dog is in range of the transmitter. If you know your dog, you may be able to guess where he disappears, whether it is to cool off in some water hole or crawl into a culvert after something or run over to the neighbors house to play with friends.

It is important to note the range is dependent upon the terrain – hills, woods, fields, water, houses, cars, and bridges – these effect the signal no matter. Experiment with the collar and see how terrain effects the signal, as you do this you will begin to get a better feel for the range and effectiveness of this benefit (value) of the BigLeash products.

I sent my son off on his bike with the dog collar, just to see how far the signal worked and what impacted it. We both had fun and I learned about the feedback from the collar.

A powerful innovation that helps you become a better, more confident handler, allowing you to coach your dog. The result is a confident and trusting dog that your friends wish they had.

Now that’s “Innovation for the Animal’s Sake”.