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Guidance Training for Dogs- The Walk’r Resolves an Escalating Situation

Sometimes it is difficult to learn something completely new – especially when it comes to changing ones personal behavior.

Such was the case, when I wanted to acquire a dog as a companion.  All I learned from the gathered information was words of “exhaustion” and “remorse” when associated with dog ownership, dog training, and building a meaningful relationship with ones pet.

Even though, I invested into a young dog as my companion.  Little did I know how demanding it would become and how personal it would impact me.  I soon learned about Leash laws that require me to walk with my dog on leash every where I go (except when I take my dog to a dog park).

Well let me tell you – it is always a wild time, every time, I take my dog for a walk – and it had grown into an escalating, unmanageable situation.  No matter how hard I would pull back, (and after buying different leads/leashes/halters), the dog would pull even harder.

So, I sought out and found myself at a dog training school, wherein we started feeding my dog more biscuits than I care to write about (it’s called food reward) and it didn’t change my dog’s pulling behavior at all.

Then we went to the “remote trainer” for off-leash training.  The paid-for dog trainer (whisperer), charged me an arm and a leg, and could do nothing but cause my friend (pet) discomfort each time the button was pushed, telling me that my friend (pet) would soon learn to do the correct behavior.

However, all my dog learned was to cower, showing strange alternate behaviors which he didn’t have prior to me taking him to these classes — and he still pulls hard on the leash which now has me even more angry (embarrassed) and not wanting to go on walks with my dog anymore – and this makes me feel guilty.  To the point, wherein once, I thought about just driving out to the countryside and letting him out of the car, and driving off.

Then, on the internet, I discovered The Walk’r – a True Electronic Leash “Guidance Trainer” a collar designed with me in mind.

I watched a 7 minute video showing Guidance Training in action, ordered the product, got it home and within my first walk with my friend, he was walking right beside me.  And since, regardless to the distraction level upon his first alert, he is back at my side walking proudly and energetic – guidance learning personified.

The Walk’r a True Electronic Leash Video